o Maritime

Waterways: 1,600 km (2005)
The Buquebus [5] ferry service operates between Buenos Aires, Argentina, and both Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo, Uruguay. Some services continue from there to Punta del Este. For the Buquebus-Ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento there are two options. One takes three and the other one hour to get there. A ticket for the one-hour ferry is about 124A$ (07/2008, 26EUR, 40US$).
Merchant marine: total: 13 ships (1000 GRT or over) 34,259 GRT/19,725 DWT
by type: cargo 2, chemical tanker 1, passenger/cargo 7, petroleum tanker 2, roll on/roll off 1
foreign-owned: 4 (Argentina 3, Greece 1)
registered in other countries: 8 (Argentina 1, Bahamas 2, Liberia 3, Spain 2) (2006)
Ports and terminals: Montevideo, Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos, Colonia, Juan Lacaze

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